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Kitchen sink size?

When the kitchen is being decorated, the kitchen sink must be installed, but many people are not sure about the size, which is affected by many factors. The size of the kitchen sink is very important, which can also affect the beauty. At the same time, people must understand what the table top of the kitchen sink is good, so that they can do well It is more convenient to use.

Kitchen sink size?
1. Some washbasin's water is fixed on the stone mesa, and that type of mesa needs to be wider in the long side of the wall to be able to afford the water supply tap. In fact, the size of the washing table is not fixed. It mainly depends on the area of your toilet. It can be handled flexibly according to the area and functional area. The length of the table top should be more than 10 cm on one side of the length of the washbasin, and the width inside and outside should not be less than 6 cm, otherwise, the stone table top will break.
2. In addition, the key is to leave a 550mm clear space from the center of the basin to the walls on both sides, that is to say, there should be 1100 clear space for your platform, otherwise it is not convenient to use. The size of the hand washing table is from small to large, but it also has limitations in use. The width is from 550mm to small. In order to save space, the hand washing table is reduced to about 300mm in one 600mm assembly toilet. However, even if this is done, the washbasin cannot be only 300mm wide, and it must highlight the washtable, so it is not convenient to place things.
3. In general, the owner has no special requirements for the height of the wash basin, so the height of the pool surface or the table top from the ground should be kept between 80-85cm during installation. Generally speaking, the width of the washing table is 60-80 cm, but it can also be increased according to personal preferences and the toilet area.
What countertop of kitchen sink is good?
1. Of course, we need to combine the material of the cabinet. Now there are many brands with good countertops. The price is more affordable. The material used for the washing table is not only marble, but also marble and granite are not suitable for the table, mainly due to the density and weight. The counter top of the kitchen cabinet is better to use quartz stone, which has good fire-retardant and wear-resistant effects and good cost performance.
2. What kind of stone should be used for the washing table depends on the position, whether it is a basin on the stage or an embedded basin under the stage. The basin under the stage is generally embedded under various marble panels, or it can be an artificial stone table with relatively low cost. According to the current situation, the basin on the stage is commonly used in marble, with good durability and beautiful appearance. Or you can choose some materials with high mildew resistance and corrosion resistance, such as glass or polymer plastic. Or stone materials are also suitable.
3. Artificial stone is also a good choice. Artificial stone is made of unsaturated polyester resin as binder, natural stone and other inorganic powder, as well as a proper amount of flame retardant, color, etc. by mixing ingredients, porcelain casting, vibration compression, extrusion and other methods. Artificial stone is developed according to the problems in the actual use of natural stone. It has good performance in moisture-proof, acid proof, high temperature resistance and patchwork
The size of the kitchen sink is affected by many factors, so it can't say an exact number. When choosing it, you must choose it according to your family circumstances. Kitchen sink what table top is good, different table top, has different characteristics, but no matter which table is selected, we must pay attention to learn to identify their own selection, so that in quality can be guaranteed.

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