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How to choose the sink in the family kitchen?

When it comes to food processing and kitchen cleaning, we have to mention the utensils at the core - the sink.
Choose a good sink, you can improve the efficiency of the kitchen by 50%! So, how to choose the intimate sink?
I. easier cleaning
If you want to make kitchen cleaning easy, then the cleaning of sink can't make kitchen cleaning your burden. Choose easy to clean materials, simplify the complex design can make the cleaning work of the sink easier, home life easier.
1. Embedded installation
The biggest advantage of embedded installation is that it can easily wipe the water splashed on the table back to the sink and wipe it quickly and cleanly.
2. Matte surface
After soft wire, drawing and sandblasting, the sub smooth surface layer is not easy to adhere to oil and water stains, and no need to vigorously scrub with steel wire ball.
3. Integrated design
The integrated design of the sink and the table can achieve zero leakage at the joint, thus extending the service life.
II. Higher table efficiency
Limited table space, the "big" sink becomes awkward, and improving efficiency depends on clever design. For example: single basin is more practical than double basin; the hidden design makes the water tank area second to change the cooking area and so on.
1. Simple single basin
Imagine how much it would cost if the sink didn't fully hold the pans
2. Corner design
The corner of the cabinet has been labeled with chicken ribs, and the triangular corner basin perfectly solves this problem.
III. more flexible use
In addition to the basin itself, the sink area can also be combined with other components. The suitable size of the vegetable board, the drain rack, and the storage tray are all excellent collocations, which can make the sink play a more flexible and variable function.
1. Built in garbage bin
The waste generated in the cleaning process can be directly put into the built-in garbage tank, and even more powerful when picking and washing vegetables.
2. Comprehensive treatment platform
After the fruits and vegetables are cleaned, take the matching cutting board and insert it into the edge of the sink, then you can easily prepare meals. There are also special slots for kitchen knives to improve the safety factor of the kitchen.

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