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Installation requirements of hand washing basin

Installation requirements for stainless steel wash basin:
  first point:
Depth is proportional to strength
I'm afraid it's a little uncomfortable for people to splash water on them. Generally, the depth of the wash basin should be directly proportional to the strength of the water flow of the faucet installed on it, that is to say, only a deep pool can install a faucet with strong water flow. Never install a large faucet on the shallow pool at the bottom, otherwise the water will splash on your body when you use it. In addition, the bottom of the basin should have enough radians, not flat.
Second point:
The installation height should be reasonable
Whether it is a stand-alone type or a desk type wash basin, the height of the pool surface or the table top from the ground is usually 0.8m, because too short a pool can cause low back pain. However, the height of the user should also be considered for the specific table height to achieve the ideal use effect.
Third points:
The pool edge should be slightly higher than the table top
The edge of the wash basin (induction wash basin) must be slightly higher than the table surface, but the joint with the table surface must be smooth, so that the water splashed on the table surface will not be obstructed when it is wiped back into the pool, and at the same time, it is convenient for the cleaning of the table surface. The surface of the table must be smooth, and the edges and corners must be smooth to avoid collision. The surface finish of the wash basin itself is also very important. The pool surface with high surface finish makes the sundries in the water not easy to attach to the surface, which relatively reduces the number of times that need to be scrubbed.   fourth point:
Select the type according to the space
Wash basins can be roughly divided into two types: independent type and desktop type. The independent style is beautiful in shape, small in floor area, easy to maintain and suitable for the toilet with small space. The desk sink should occupy at least one small desk. It can put toiletries on the table and sundries in the cabinet below.

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